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Magunkról About Us
The DunaPart Gallery was founded in January, 2001, with the aim to make contemporary fine arts more important in people's everyday life, surroundings, homes and workplaces. Also it is our intention to support that paintings, sculptures and ceramics regain their original ornamental function and make more and more homes even more warm and pleasant. In the spirit of this aim all styles are represented in the gallery from the abstract to the surrealistic, from enterieour paintings to the traditional landscapes. All contemporary artists' works are welcome if they are really contemporary, in the noble sense of the word. We do not supervise the works of art, since we know that each piece has its own 'recipient'. Every painting addresses a different person and has a different effect on everybody. Purchasing a picture could be the continuation of the relationship between a work of art and its recipient.
Another very important aim of the gallery is to make people visit our exhibitions just for the sake of enjoying the works of art. We have undertaken the mission to make more and more artist's work a common treasure. Besides Hungarian contemporary artist's works of Ukrainian, Transylvanian, Italian, Russian, and German enrich the material of our exhibitions.
Since 2001 we have been regularly organizing private exhibitions on a monthly basis for contemporary artists in the offices of the West End City Center. The exhibitions change once in three months and put on show the work of an artist in each of the three halls available. The exhibitions are connected with a sale, and they address preliminarily the workers and visitors of the above mentioned offices, but of course can be looked at by anyone. This enterprise somewhat differs from the others of its kind. It intends to make the sight offered by than plain walls of office-blocks nicer, to ornament public places.
From May, 2001 until these days (October, 2005) more than 120 artists have introduced their work to the public at the exhibitions of our gallery.
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